See photos of BurgundyPhotos "Around our cottages" in Burgundy

Views from the cottages surroundings, only spots accessible on foot, from all seasons.
Many thanks to our guests who appreciated so much our little corner of Burgundy between Mercurey and Givry, and who sent us those photos. This gallery is highly due to carry on improving.

  • Saone valley from Russilly, near Chalon

    Viewpoint to the valley of Saone from Russily village.

  • orchydee burgundy

    Hidden treasures like this orchydee "Fly Ophrys" found in the preserved surronding hills, classified Natura 2000.

  • Vineyards appelation Mercurey in Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu, near Chalon, South Burgundy.

    Vineyards appelation Mercurey in Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu, near Chalon, South Burgundy.

  • Mercurey Burgundy

    Mercurey valley

  • Panoramic road Burgundy

    Panoramic road in Vallée des Vaux

  • statues in nature in burgundy, way of the cross

    Way of the Cross (Easter) in Saint Denis de Vaux

  • balloons Burgundy

    Chalon-sur-Saone : balloons often fly over the valley, kind of local tradition.

  • castle of Montaigu, Mercurey Burgundy

    Castle of Montaigu at 20 walking from the gites

  • Mercurey valley autumn colors in Burgundy

    Mercurey valley in autumn

  • Roman church Burgundy

    Roman church of Touches, hamlet of Mercurey (XIIth century)

  • Easy climbing Burgundy

    Easy climbing in Saint-Denis de Vaux, with nice view on top to the whole Vallée des Vaux

  • botanic path burgundy

    Anemone in protected calc lawns, near botanic path

  • Panoramic view near Chalon

    Impressive Theu rock, in the heart of the valley, panoramic view point on top.

  • burgundy winter image

    Nice winter light on the village and hills

  • vineyard Mercurey

    Traditional enclosed vineyard in Givry

  • Burgundy countryside

    Still traditional and authentic Burgundy in Charnailles (hamlet of Jambles)

  • Jambles near Givry

    Village of Jambles, between Givry and our Vallée des Vaux