Buxy - Saccazand house

Location: South of cottages towards Cluny, 20km south of Chalon

Nearby: the "Voie Verte" cycle track, the wine appellation Montagny, Bissy-sur-Fley village, Mont Avril views

Why we recommend this place:

  • The relaxed atmosphere of the town of 2,200 inhabitants and its sloping main street lined with plane trees which give it an almost mediterranean atmosphere.
  • The many old buildings. These include: the Red Tower which is part of the remains of the old fortifications of the twelfth century: the restored homes of the XVth and XVIth centuries: the house of Saccazand , the last public prosecutor for the king in 1792, with its oriel window and the church of St. Germain and its clock tower. One of the three bells in the tower, named 'Germaine', weighs 1.5t and is dated at 1515.
  • The inescapable 'Voie Verte' at the entrance of Buxy and the old station and Tourist Office,
  • In the surrounding area several Romanesque churches have frescoes (Granges, Germagny, Rosey)
  • 10km away from Buxy the village of Bissy-sur-Fley is dominated by the Chateau of the poet Pontus de Tyard, a member of the Pléiade group of poets which also included Ronsard and Du Bellay. It has been restored by the association "Renaissance du château Pontus de Tyard". A conservatory of vines has been established there with more than 50 varieties existing in the time of Pontus. Nice path around the castle.
    Nearby the charming village of Culles-les-Roches worths a stroll.
  • Montagny village and appellation and its interpretive trail (4.5km) about local vineyards.
  • Mount Avril (421m) at 7km from Buxy, offers a panoramic view of the Côte Chalonnaise. Two climbs are possible from Jambles and Cercot (Moroges). The limestone hills overlooking Buxy, some of which are classified as Natura 2000 sites, are dotted with boxwood, "buxus" in Latin, which probably gave the name in the Xth century to the town of Buxy (source Wikipedia-page Buxy).X. Maglott

Saint-Germain church and clock towerBuxy - XVth century restaured houseVoie Verte cycle trackRed tower Buxy center