Chateau of Couches, view from the road to Autun

Location: et 18km west of the cottages on the road to Autun.

Nearby:  the Mont Rome (panoramic views), the Canal du Centre, the castle of Epiry

Why we like this place:

  • the Chateau of Couches known as the "Chateau de Marguerite de Bourgogne" (Margaret of Burgundy) :
    • during the evolution of the buildings the castle has undergone many transformations. Despite some destruction, it retains great architectural diversity: dungeon and underground galleries of the twelfth century, the tower of justice and chapel of the fifteenth century, the residence of the nineteenth century built in the "Troubadour" style...
    • since it was acquired in 2009, the owners of the Chateau have made substantial efforts to develop and renovate the site. Based on the increasing diversity of places to discover, the quality of the visits is improving year by year. The final tour through the underground galleries appeals to both young and old,
    • the topiary garden is small but charming and it offers beautiful views towards the house,
    • within some furniture, tapestries, weapons and a beautiful stained glass window in the chapel,
    • entertainment is available at the castle throughout the year, including concerts, shows, exhibitions, children's activities, and tastings.... see program,
    • The website of the castle is very rich in information and is updated constantly.
  • the Jazz à Couches festival enlivens the town each year in early July,
  • the menhirs  on the way to Autun (1km after Couches, turn left, easy to find at 500m),
  • le Mont Rome at Saint Sernin du Plain (5 km from Couches). Here you will find: :
    • from the summit there is a panoramic view point overlooking the Morvan and the Côte Chalonnaise,
    • a site for rock climbing , suitable for families, with a number of paths
    • the Festival of the Nights (Les Nuits de Mont Rome) each year at Mont Rome from 20 July to 20 August. This takes place in the theatre of David, which is an ancient site on the slopes of Mt Rome with a stunning panorama.
  • the canal du Centre, which offers a moment of tranquillity either  walking or riding  a bicycle, as there is a 15km bike trail from Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune to Chagny,
  • at the exit of Saint-Léger, going toward Couches, you will find Péché Sucré, one of the few shops of handicrafts in the region established in the former ceramic tile factory of  Perrusson. The products they make include jams, gingerbread, shortbread, fruit jellies, syrups, chutneys, honey  and more -  blackcurrant syrup, mustards, liquors , terrines ...


Chateau de Couches - donjon and courtinesTopiary garden Couches BurgundyChateau of Couches donjon windowMenhirs BurgundyTroubadour style logisDonjon interiors : tapestries and lady chairCouches logis XVth century