Castle and museum of Savigny-les-Beaune

castle and aviation and sportcars musem Savigny les BeauneLocalisation: 40km North of the cottages, North of Beaune.

Nearby:  Beaune

Why we love this place:

  • First of all, the diversity of the visit is truly unique: a medieval castle built in 1340 with many rooms, a wooded park, 9 different museum exhibitions, a wine tasting area for wines of the estate, a herd of deer...
  • Given this diversity, every visitor will inevitably find an interest and will be amazed by the excessive number and size (extravagance?) of the collections (though they are not always well maintained).
    Inevitably such a place has a few surprises in store!
  • Open all year round, website :
  • Really close to Beaune and easy to combine with Beaune visit.

Some information about the collections :

  • Aviation : about 100 real fighter jets, and many models and reproductions,
  • Abarth sportscars : 35 models, some of them unique, that the owner of the chateau has used to participate in numerous races,
  • Motos : nearly 250 motorcycles from 1902 to 1960,
  • Fire engines : about thirty fire engines including a taxi from the Marne,
  • Space : 2 models in the 10th Ariane IV and V rockets, 2 satellites, 3 cockpits...
  • Navy : a hundred models of boats and submarines,
  • Tractors and high clearance tractors for viticulture : some thirty examples of viticulturemachines from 1946 to 1956,
  • Winery : tools and presses,
  • Hovercraft : 2 exhibits in the castle park.

Several images were graciously provided by the castle of Savigny, with our thanks.