Our gites in Burgundy at 12km from Chalon/Saône,
between Mercurey and Givry

Our village si located between two famous wine-makers villages Givry and Mercurey, out of noisy roads. The access is very easy from A6 motorway (Chalon Centre - way out N°25.2) or from the West arriving from Autun.

Arriving from Chalon-sur-Saône, after driving approximately 10km in direction to Autun, you reach the roundabout of "Cote Chalonnaise" (in the countryside with wines in its center).
At this roundabout you only have 2-3km left to reach the gites. And while entering the "Vallée des Vaux", you will be supprised on how quite is this area, so close from the city of Chalon.

Please follow the indications mentionned in the map to download underneath.

If you prefer to follow your GPS indications, in the heart of our village of Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu, please follow :
2 signs "Gite Le Pressoir"
and 1 sign "Gite Le Pressoir à 20m".

Of course, if you get lost in our 380 hab. village, just give us a call at our home phone number and we will guide you or get you anywhere around.

Adress of the gites : 6-8 rue du Clos - 71460 Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu (please note it is rue du Clos "nothing else" and not Rue du Clos "something". There are 4 Rue du Clos "something" in the village !)
Latitude : 46.814937
Longitude : 4.714851 

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