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Our primary concern is to constantly improve the comfort of and your welcome to our cottages.
Sometimes it is our visitors who suggest new ideasto usfor improvements.  This ‘news’ blog will bring you up to date,as a result, withnew information.
See you soon.

vallee des vaux

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Une mesure radicale

Nous avons décidé d'espacer nos locations, dans la mesure du possible en 2020 et 2021.
Cela signifie, demander à nos hôtes d'arriver un jour plus tard, ou partir un jour plus tôt, mais sans contrainte, selon le bon vouloir de chacun.
Bien entendu, en cas de séjour écourté nous accordons une remise en conséquence.
A certaines périodes cela ne sera pas possible compte-tenu des locations réservées avant la pandémie.
Dans la mesure du possible nous alternerons la location des 2 gîtes, qui par ailleurs ne sont pas mitoyens.

Un acompte remboursé dans tous les cas en 2021

L'acompte est un engagement mais il ne doit pas être un frein à la réservation.

En cas d'annulation d'un séjour, quel que soit le motif et le délai, nous remboursons l'acompte si cela est demandé.

Bon à savoir

Etant webmaster et travaillant à domicile, je ne suis pas du tout en contact avec l’extérieur. Ce n’est évidemment pas une garantie totale de préservation du virus, mais cela renforce notre idée que les gîtes sont préservés. Les autres membres de ma famille n'entrent pas en contact avec les gîtes.

Des savons liquides sont à disposition dans les gîtes.

Je vous accueillerai avec la distanciation sociale de rigueur, avec le masque et au maximum en extérieur.

Nettoyage des gîtes

Toutes les surfaces possibles de contact sont nettoyées au moyen d’éponges et de javel, ou de produits en cours d'homologation (norme 14476).
Les objets les plus en contact avec les mains sont particulièrement nettoyés avec attention (poignées de portes ou d’électroménager, zappeuse de la télé, boutons d’allumage des plaques de la cuisinière, interrupteurs, rampe d'escalier…).
Les objets en plastique, matière la plus résistante, sont très peu nombreux et se limitent à quelques appareils électroménager.
Ce sont des exemples et nous nous efforçons d'appliquer le protocole proposé par Gites de France, à condition de disposer de temps entre 2 locations.

Voir le protocolelogo gdf


N'hésitez pas à m'appeler au 06 80 53 38 93 pour toute information ou demande spécifique.

canal du centre in burgundy cycle track

Since summer 2019, just over 10 km of cycle paths have been opened from Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, travelling south, to just a little before Saint-Julien-sur-Dheune (in the direction of Montchanin).

The route is located to the left of the Canal du Centre (going south), as far as Saint-Bérain-sur-Dheune. In this village, which cyclists can traverse, the route crosses to the other side of the canal and to the right of the road.

The cycle path is then sheltered by the trees until it crosses to Perreuil (photo below). From this crossing, the route sometimes follows the cycle path and at other times it continues along small,rural, country back roads (without cars). For the last 2 kilometers,the cycle path again passes through the trees along the Canal du Centre.

The cycle path ends, for the moment, in a cul-de-sac 500m from the cycle path that leads from Saint-Julien-sur-Dheune to Ecuisses (on the other side of the canal).

One day the connection will be better! Enjoy your visit.

cycle track extension canal du centre in Burgundy

The Canal du Centre from our gîtes

The Canal du Centre and its cycle path are located approximately 10km from our gîtes.

Going there by bike is possible while avoiding (almost completely) the D978 (the road from Chalon to Autun). To do this, take the following small roads, the details of which are as follows:

  • from Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu, go up to Saint-Mard-de-Vaux,
  • at the church, turn right on the rue de Blaisy towards the D978,
  • at the D978 ride 200m left to the Petit Blanc restaurant,
  • turn right, then follow the next road left up to Aluze (a steep climb),
  • at the entrance of Aluze follow the route left in the direction of Dennevy,
  • enjoy a nice descent to Dennevy, the Canal du Centre and the cycle path.

Of course, we provide our guests with the corresponding IGN map.

Find out more about the cycle paths around our lodgings

Do not hesitate to consult our page "A week of cycling and tourism in Burgundy".

The library has two sections:

The chapel: in the nave and choir of an old Carmelite convent church (14th century) which are still preserved, there are recent books and comics. The large,Gothic style window illuminates the shelves beautifully. Do not miss the threatening animal heads that decorate the ends of the roof beams.

chapel chalon public library The study room: a library was created in 1843 in a former part of the convent that was rebuilt in the 17th century. The wood paneling adorning the walls dates from the 18th century (it was confiscated during the Revolution from La Ferté abbey and miraculously preserved). The library currently houses 17,000 old volumes from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
On this page you will have an idea of the richness of the heritage documents that are preserved there.
The library is not always open but you can request a visit at reception.

hall of study public library in chalon sur saone

When the library was installed in 1843, two globes - one terrestrial, the other celestial - were placed in the current study room. They were made entirely by hand around 1740 by a Capuchin monk Louis Legrand. The latter belonged to the convent of Chalon-sur-Saône and was a cartographer. They were confiscated from the Capuchin convent during the Revolution.

These two globes are among the twenty hand drawn globes, made prior to 1850, kept in France. They measure 1.62m in diameter each. The texts and the drawings were entirely produced on paper, by hand with no printing.
More than 60 constellations appear on the celestial globe. Among these, several were only discovered at the end of the XVIIth century and recorded  in the XVIIIth century (e.g. The‘Oak of Charles II’,Robur Carolinumconstellation,and the ‘Fleur de Lys’,Liliumconstellation).
The terrestrial globe shows the state of the known world at the beginning of the 18th century. The journeys of the voyages of nine major navigators (including Magellan and Francis Drake) are shown in dotted lines. Many animals (sometimes monstrous) and boats are represented on the globes.

XVIIIth century old globes chalon sur saone library

How to get there

Enter the Town Hall and ask for directions at reception.
Entrance is free, and access to the library is located at the far left of the central courtyard of the town hall from behind reception.
You must go up one floor and, on the left, you will find the entrance to the two libraries and the library reception.
To the left is the chapel and on the right you access the study room and the globes.
Opening times can be found on the page (adult library section, i.e. ‘bibliothèque adultes’).

cloister cathedral chalon

After 10 years of closure for renovation, the cloister of Saint-Vincent cathedral was reopened to the public during the Heritage Days in September  2019. Unfortunately, it will only be accessible to the public during the future Heritage Days and during guided tours organized by the Chalon Heritage Space (see Chalon page). These visits are rare and when they do occur, we pass the information on to our guests.

This cloister is the only one built against a cathedral in Burgundy. The presence of canons in Chalon-sur-Saône is documented since 885. Archaeological surveys have made it possible to determine that the cloister space was definitively enclosed around the year 1000, which makes it a building with origins older than the cathedral itself. The cathedral was rebuilt around 1090. The canons lived in individual houses around a courtyard, the current Place du Cloître Saint Vincent.
In the 14th-15th century a brick and stone staircase was built for the dean of the canons. This so-called Doyenné (Deanery) Tower was sold in the 19th century and moved to Paris. It was later bought by an American patron, brought back to Chalon and placed on the Ile Saint-Laurent where it can now be seen on the banks of the river.

Around 1500 the galleries were covered by brick vaults on intersecting stone ogives characteristic of the Gothic era. The cloister underwent, like many religious buildings in Chalon, many degradations during the wars of religion. Monastic life gradually disintegrated until the Revolution which brought a definitive halt when the sale of the building to multiple owners was authorised. It was not until 1928 that the cloister was declared an Historic Monument and it was acquired by the city of Chalon in 1956.

The restoration during these 10 years focused on:

  • the removal of existing unattractive roof terraces responsible for water infiltration and the installation of traditional roofs in flat tiles thus giving effective rainwater collection,
  • the interior restoration of the three galleries East, West and South including the replacement of degraded stones, restoration of the ribs of the vaults and sculptures, and the application of a lime coating on the walls and the vaults,
  • the recreation of the northern gallery which had been almost entirely destroyed and the integration of a few discreet touches of modernity with golden rings and small modern sculptures on the capitals.

In the end, a very beautiful place in Chalon has been recreated and is not to be missed if you have the possibility of visiting. The Heritage Activities service of the city of Chalon offers visits to the cloister of Saint-Vincent cathedral with a tour guide from the “Villes et pays d’art et d’histoire” network.


cloister cathedral chalon

cloister cathedral chalon sur saone cloister cathedral chalon burgundy

In the cottage, La Petite Maison, a library has been available for guests since 2019. There are books for relaxation or more literary works, mainly in French, but also some in English and some cookbooks. You can fully enjoy the calm of the cottage to read.

If you like a book and you start to read it ... but you haven't finished it at the end of your stay, take it with you!

If you ever come back, you can bring it back ... or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is sharing -it’s that simple.  But, if you read this article before visiting us, you can also bring us some books you have already completed, or plan to leave us the books you read while you are here.

Happy reading...

bibliothèque livres libre-service gite la petite maison en bourgogne

The ideal place to search for geocaches in Burgundy

The geocaches around Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu and Saint-Jean-de-Vaux allow you to discover several points of interest and pretty views of the valley of the Vaux (12km from Chalon -sur-Saône). The research can be carried out around our village and you will not need a car.

Among the points of interest are: the chateau of Montaigu, a climbing cliff, two lavoirs (old wash houses), a meteorological station in the middle of the vineyards, a ford on the Orbize river and a breathtaking view of the Vaux valley, along a botanical trail, which has flower information panels.

The geocaches are globally placed in accordance with the guidelines mentioned on the page

A geocache can also be found at the wash house of the chateau of Germolles 3km away. We also recommend the enthusiastic and fascinating visit of this chateau conducted by its owner.

Below there is an image taken on 02/05/2019 of the density of geocaches around our village, near Mercurey, in southern Burgundy.

Map coordinates:,4.71386&z=14#?ll=46.8151,4.71378&z=14

geocaching bourgogne - chalon - mercurey


We also recommend a loop trail in Bissy-sur-Fley that includes the chateau de Pontus de Tyard

Map coordinates: (carte,4.62441&z=15#?ll=46.66858,4.62441&z=15)