The GEORAMA hike

Between Buxy and Saint-Gengoux, the 6km "Géorama" hike around Culles-les-Roches allows you to understand the changes that have taken place in the landscape over time.
Indeed, the village of Culles-les-Roches is installed on a geological fault that you can observe from different points of view on the route.
At each point of interest, very clear and well-illustrated explanatory panels allow you to "read" the landscape. They are easy to read and not technical or off-putting.
For example, they will help you understand how the hills were formed, why water is very evident in the village, and you can visualize how the vines were able to integrate themselves on the slopes.

The route is well signposted, just follow the red "Georama" signs.

Link to the PDF of the route: 

The starting point is at the old Culles-les-Roches station (follow the signs to "Le Grégoire” wine estate).
The start of the route follows the old railway line, and you can take a 10-minute detour back to the entrance of the old tunnel (1km long) but it is closed for safety reasons.
The hike, which lasts 2h30, is not particularly difficult.

Panorama culles les roches

Our tips for enjoying the Culles-les-Roches site

You can enjoy a small additional walk of about 1 hour 15 minutes.

After completing the Géorama loop, take your car to the rock-climbing car park. (Natura2000 sign - Pelouses Calcicoles).

A blue arrow indicates a path that climbs up beside a fence. You continue 5 minutes beyond the summit, to a place where an information panel marks the location of parachute drops during the Second World War (15 minutes’ walk from the car). You will notice that the location is well hidden and conducive to sending signals that were only visible from a plane overhead and intended to direct the parachutes

From this sign, you follow the blue signs and after 100m, at a fork, take the path on the right and follow the path that goes towards the village of Saules. You will find the blue arrows that mark your descent from the hill just above the village of Saules. Return to Culles-les Roches along the foot of the cliffs. You will then arrive in the heart of the village, next to point 6 of the Géorama hike (La Coire - the lavoir). From here you just have to walk up to the church and then back to the rock-climbing car park.

Panorama village saules

We also recommend taking a very pleasant short walk (and cool in summer) around the part of the village at the bottom of the cliffs.

Nearby, you can visit Buxy, Saint-Gengoux-le-National, Pontus de Tyard castle in Bissy-sur-Fley, as well as the wine discovery trail in Montagny.