cottage in burgundy with air conditionned

During a heat wave, air conditioning becomes essential for your well-being, even in Burgundy.

Of course, this is contrary to our ecological convictions, but the comfort of our guests is the highest priority.

The air conditioner was installed in the bedroom with a double bed in February 2019.

In one hour the bedroom will be cool, even during a heat wave.

By leaving the doors open upstairs, the cool air extends to the second bedroom.

In addition to the classic on/off and temperature indication functions, the remote control allows you:

  • to program the start of the air conditioning,
  • to boost the start-up of the air conditioner,
  • to decrease or adjust the temperature in stages

We provide our guests with the remote control during hot weather.

In mid-season the air conditioner can also be used for auxiliary heating, but it will not replace the gas central heating of the cottage.

The compressor, which is very quiet, is installed in a small space, adjacent and external to the cottage so it is not part of the living space and therefore a discomfort or inconvenience for our guests.