Chalon sur Saône

Saint Laurent island in Chalon sur Saone

Location: 12km East of the cottages.

Nearby: the Côte Chalonnaise vineyards, Mercurey and the Valley des Vaux, Givry, the "Voie Verte" cycle track.

Why we love this place:

  • for finding and visiting places not so easily found or well publicised, old bridges, chapels, facades and fortifications . The Espace Patrimoine of the City of Chalon has permanent and temporary exhibitions about local architecture and heritage spaces with information available in English. See the brochure : "Laissez-vous conter Chalon-sur-Saône".
  • the pedestrian center with facades and old houses, the square of St Vincent in front of the Cathedral with the market on Sunday and Friday morning,
  • the free museums :
    • Nicéphore Nièpce Museum from the inventor of photography : this museum presents the history of the photographic image, from the experiments of Nicéphore Nièpce to the current photographic creations. The temporary exhibitions are always exciting and of a high quality.
    • Museum Vivant Denon from the inventor of the modern museum and a pioneer in the history of art under Napoleon. Especially interesting are the rooms in the basement, which present the picture of Chalon in the Gallo-Roman period when it was called Cabilonnum. Also there is a comprehensive archaeological collection from prehistory to the Middle Ages, including bay leaf shaped tools, the so-called "cachette de Volgu" from the Solutrean Period.
  • Parc Georges Nouelle, that is free and ideal for children. It includes a children's playground, aviaries and a botanical garden.
  • the walks along the Saône river (left bank),
  • the Centre Nautique an aquatic playground, that has a wave pool, summer water slides, a jacuzzi, sauna, and hammam,
  • the cruises on the Saône river in spring/summer,
  • the Montgolfiades hot air balloon rally, and the many activities of the Pentecost weekend. Hot air balloons pass regularly over our valley, above our village and our cottages.
  • the festival "Chalon Dans La Rue" in late July, which brings together over a hundred street performers. There are free performances and 'surprises' throughout the city
  • Spring-Summer 2017 : 15 craft creators in a workshop in Chalon city center worth the visit for original local gifts - See website
    X. Maglott

chalon sur saone Chalon sur Saone old houseSaint Vincent square in Chalonchalon sur saone place saint vincent

Le carnaval de Chalon:

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